Christopher “Bob” Sturgeon played hockey as a state player in the colts all the way up to playing in the Australian Over 70’s side. Bob coached for many years and played as one of the oldest but the fittest on the field and always had a way to explain an issue away and how to solve it. Bob took on coaching our hills women’s team and making it successful. In 2009 he was made a life member of the club. On December 13, 2010, the Club lost one of its most loved and respected members, when Bob Sturgeon passed away.

The Bob Sturgeon Award for best female senior rookie is presented in his honour.

Ralph blazey

Ralph Blazey is acknowledged as the founding father of Kalamunda Districts Hockey Club. An inaugural member in 1967 and our first club president, Ralph remained an important player and coach throughout the 60’s and 70’s. Ralph passed away in 1988.

The Ralph Blazey Award for the best off field contribution is awarded each year in honour of Ralph’s dedication and commitment to the club.



A key player in the 1970s as a goal keeper, Joe felt the helmet was an unnecessary item. An outstanding player for Kalamunda, Joe retired in the 1980s, but maintained his involvement in the game through umpiring. He was a coach, a player, and a committee member for many years. A regular at the stadium on weekends, he was a frequent spectator at Kalamunda games. Joe was a great help during the assembly of the Club History, providing team photos from the 1970’s. Joe suddenly and unexpectedly passed in 2002. His role in the development of Kalamunda Hockey will be remembered.

The Joe Bruers Award for the best goalkeeper within the club is presented in his honour.

Paul Hulcup

Paul Hulcup was a committed member of Kalamunda Districts Hockey Club, showing a willingness to consistently train and improve, while demonstrating great involvement in the club and its activities. Paul was a young man who unfortunately passed away at a very young age.

The Paul Hulcup Award for the best on and off field contribution by a men’s grass player is awarded in honour of Paul’s gentle nature, sense of humour and support of his team.

Maurice Gouldthorp

Maurice Gouldthorp was a great club member during the 80’s and 90’s coaching our junior teams, mainly the under 17’s. His wife Sally served time as a committee member as did Maurice in those times. Their sons Jamie and Craig both played juniors and seniors at Kalamunda. Maurice was an excellent coach and skilled the under 17’s up so they could transition to seniors quite successfully. Maurice died suddenly during the 1990’s.

The Maurice Gouldthorp Award for best male senior rookie is awarded in his honour.

Dave newton

Dave was a premier fullback in the early 80s. Very little got past him in the backline. He was arguably one of the best players of the club, few used as much skill as consistently as Dave. He effectively became an icon for the club – opposition teams that saw they were due to play Kalamunda would instantly recall Dave’s height, strength, booming voice and steely glare. A three-time club president
and life member.

In 1996 the club chose to recognise Dave’s contribution by initiating the David Newton Club Champion Honour Board.  Each year, the senior players, male and female, who are chosen as the most outstanding players representing the club, are entered onto this board.

David Scanlon

David Scanlon joined the Kalamunda Hockey Club in 1969, and remained associated with the club as a player, coach (junior and senior), committee member, president and junior coordinator up to his death in 1988.  He was a playing coach in the undefeated B1 Green Premiership side of 1971 (the club’s first Premiership) and also won his first Best Club Man award.  Despite a long playing career, he is best remembered for his outstanding organisational skills and wonderful rapport with juniors.  In the early 1980’s, while the club’s senior playing strength was at a low ebb, David’s efforts greatly expanded our junior base, generating a number of quality players, may of which are still playing today. He was not only good at passing on knowledge of hockey to juniors, but sharing with them his love for the game.

David had long had the ambition of building clubrooms to give the club a proper home and a sense of permanency.  He became the driving force in fund raising as well as in gaining support from the Kalamunda Shire and the Department of Sport & Recreation. The club had no hesitation in naming the building the “David Scanlon Pavilion”. Dave Scanlon is remembered with affection and respect, and as representing all that was good about our club.

The David Scanlon Award is presented to a member for their incredible efforts both on and off the field, and is awarded in his honour.